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Wine Storage - Cellar Conditions

We employ the most advanced technology to ensure optimal aging conditions for your wines at all time:

ccs_temperature Temperature is maintained at 13 to 15 degrees Celsius in all wine storage areas.
ccs_temperature Humidity is maintained at a range between 65% to 75% in all wine storage areas.
ccs_temperature Minimized vibration is ensured by shock-resistant materials built into floors, walls and ceilings.
ccs_temperature Zero ultraviolet light penetration is ensured by eliminating all natural light and using a
low-intensity lighting system.

Our wine storage facilities feature 24hr security surveillance ensuring safety and security of your wine whilst in our care.




We are certified to Wine Storage Management System (WSMS)- Fine Wine Category by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency  HKQAA

HKQAA Fine Wine Storage Facilities Certificate

The certification process follows a well-proven and internationally recognised methodology that gives an objective and impartial attestation of the ability of management systems to deliver wine storage, transportation and retail services that fulfill good management practice accepted by wine industry experts. It ensures that good industry standards are applied, improving the competitive edge of the industry, which will ultimately benefit consumers and wine collectors.